Vampire Miniseries

If you have read “Bitten” than you are aware that I started a new miniseries, but why?

If you are like me, and you read a lot during your downtime, it’s great to have short pexels-photo-48694stories. Don’t get me wrong, I love a complete, long novels, but from time to time, I have to constantly put the book down and re-immerse myself. Short stories are a quick fun read, that enables me to read a complete story in one-sitting.

But these fast-paced novellas always leave something to be desired. It’s truly hard to develop complex worlds or character development under such constraints.

That’s why I decided to embark into something new. Creating bite-sized novellas in multiple series!

For the reader who wants complete stories without any cliff hangers, this will not be for you. For those who love quick reads with suspense, strong sexual and dangerous elements, well, get your copy of “Bitten” as soon as you can! (Plus, it’s FREE!)

As always let me know how you feel about this genre. Love it? Hate it? or Looking forward to Book Two?

~ Merrill


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  1. I love your books. The one piece of advice is that you use Ally’s name way to much as if were not old enough to follow the storyline without it constantly being said. Same with vampire man. You just need to referance it once on the page. We know who “she or he” is. It just gets a little wordy with the names. Kind of reminds me of a childrens book. But the story was great

  2. Melonie says:

    I just finished reading Bitten. Wow. What a great story!!! Can’t wait for book 2. Great job.

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