Publishing woes, but finally on Amazon

Hi everyone!pencil-education-pencil-sharpener-art-159731

For those who do not know, I rely on Smashwords to get my books across multiple mediums like the iBookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, etc.

Lately, my service with Smashwords has been quite lackluster. Stolen is still not in the iBookstore and all of my three of books have yet to be submitted to Amazon. Don’t get me wrong, I like Smashwords and I will continue to rely on them to get my books on Barnes & Nobles and Kobo, but I realize that it’s time to get my hands dirty and deal with problem myself. (If you want something done right, do it yourself!)

Therefore, I used Kindle Direct Publishing and uploaded Bitten and Stolen into the Amazon Store. (Thank you, S.J.Wright!) It worked and finally, both novellas are published. However, I was not able to price the books for free. I am very upset by this, thinking that it would not be a problem but apparently it is. Even if I were to buy their yearly membership for 39$ (trust me, I would have paid for it.), I would still have to put the minimum price of 0.99$ for each book.

I just want to state that this was NOT my idea. As anyone can see, both novels have been free since they were published and you can download them here, here and here!

If, by chance, you have already paid for them, please know that the next one will be of NO CHARGE and that you can get it directly on Smashwords. Just download the .mobi file and sync it manually with your Kindle.

I know a few beginner writers are looking for ways to make a quick buck, but as for now, this strategy doesn’t apply to me. I enjoy writing and I’m having fun doing it. I’m also still learning the craft and starting to have a deep respect for it.

All I want in return from my readers is either a review, a comment or a “Like” on Facebook. That’s it! That’s all!

If you want to support me in any way, just subscribe to this blog, follow me on Twitter, join my network on LinkedIn or share my book with a friend. It’s free, it’s easy and that would mean more to me than a few change here and there.


On the next blog post: Tentative Date for the next installment!


9 Comments Add yours

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  2. nadege says:

    Where is unbroken?

  3. Lexi Salice says:

    Has anyone heard anything from merrill?? Ive checked all of her sites, nothing on unbroken being out, and she has had no new updates since like april ’12. Lil worried that something happened, merrill if you read this, hope your ok, you have many anxious fans awaiting you….

    1. Amber Sherman says:

      When is the 3rd book coming out?

  4. Sydney says:

    I have been a reader since I can remember I played hooky from school in order to finish the boxcar children books and loved every moment of it. I have found a few chosen authors since then whom I feel deserve my time and loyalty as a fan and I am pleased to include u Ms.gemus in that catogory. Thank u for what u have accomplished so far and for what u plan to do just know there r ppl waiting to play hooky again to revel in the worlds and life’s u have created. Even if we have to pay for it. Thank u again

  5. rose says:

    I have a nook and i live out in the country. I had a hard time reading the last book on my nook but i did at smash… I was wondering if the last book has been pubplished yet? I hope you are ok because you havent posted anything here for a bit.

  6. Ashley Higgins says:

    Just got the call for free on amazon forvmy kindle fire. Cant wsitbto read it.

  7. Ashley Higgins says:

    I have only just started reading your books, but I have finnished the first two installments if the Bitten series in a matter of about one week. I loved them both. I hope to read book three soon. I cant wait to read it. I might be a young teen, but reading your books make me feel like a young adult. It is a very good series and I hope to read another book soon. YOUR AWESOME!!!!!! 🙂

  8. Luz E. Navarro says:

    Love both your books, waiting for the 3rd book….on Alice N Beneedict….As for me I would pay to read in on Nook e-reader…..U have a great mind Ms M.Ggemus…….Luz

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